The Breakfast

Breakfast served from 8 am to 9.30 am in the shade of the plane trees or in my kitchen / veranda, is composed of:

a hot drink (Maison du Café coffee, green or black tea from the Palais des Thés, chocolate, milk, herbal tea, Ricorée, etc.)

a fresh fruit salad, mixed fruit verrines, fruit skewers or cut fruit …

“Homemade” cakes: chocolate muffin, pan cakes, blueberry cake, crunchy almonds, almond cake, Provençal shuttles ….

homemade jams, lavender honey, gourmet syrup from the Moulin de Margier to flavor “homemade” yogurts, dried fruits, cheeses (different every day), egg (scrambled, hard-boiled, shell or omelet),

corn-flakes or muesli orange juice, apple juice or mixed seasonal juice “homemade”

2 varieties of fresh homemade bread, white and multi-grain.