Regarding breakfast: to date, breakfast in the common room is not allowed. They must be taken in the room. As soon as the heat allows breakfast can be taken outdoors on individual tables and spaced.

In times of sanitary emergency and only during the closing of the restaurants: we propose you in troubleshooting for your dinner a snack that must be consumed in the room or on your private terrace. Do not hesitate to contact us in advance for any information about this.

Regarding hygiene: Additional measures have been applied for cleaning household alcohol (which kills Coronavirus) from surfaces such as:

door handles, windows, bay windows, closets

Switches, TV buttons, TV remote controls and Air conditionner, keys, hair dryer

Taps, shower head, button and toilet bowl

The pillowcases will be tripled at each room cleaning.

Hydroalcoholic gel and wipes will be available before breakfast.